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PT. Chin Li Plastic Industrial Indonesia

PT. Chin Li Plastic Industrial Indonesia

mezzanine storage allows you to utillze overhead space for additional offices, record archival or general storage. the key benefit of it is the abbility to creat new space fast and efficiently. Mezzanines will allow you to utilize the maximum height of a warehouse and double or triple the surface area. Adding a Mezzanine can be the most economical way to increase warehouse space without the cost of a conventional building expansion. When designing a Mezzanine, it is important to consider the access-ways, work systems, products, and handling methods in order to plan accurately. Mezzanines may be completely disassembled; the parts re-used; and the structure, dimensions, and location easily modified.


  • Instalasi yang cepat, mudah, dan bersih.
  • Design yang cocok untuk segala gudang atau ruang penyimpanan.
  • Cocok untuk segala rak.





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