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Shuttle Carrier

Usage Occasion

  • Automatic Conveyor

Suitable to longest distance and round-trip conveyor between the warehouse and workshop. Combination of semi-automatic assembling and logistics conveyor.

By special modification for the baseboard of auto cruisers shuttle, it could be used in semi-automatic annular assemble lines with baseboard in many accasion, finished product butter on-line, testing on-line, conveyor between each warehouse or workshop, etc.

System Features

  • Modularization

Automatic-guided vehicle and every unit are modularly constructed which can relize multiple combination, enjoying more convenient and efficient with lower cost;

  • Flexibility

The automatic-guided vehicle is driven by batteries and brush motors, which can move freely, every unit independent, which can realize wireless control and dispatch, making entire system more flexible;

Realizing long-distance transporting of material with lowest cost; Automated Storage/Retrievel System, AS/RS is the priority option of large enterprise and logistics base. It will literate the productive forces a lot.

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